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The BOB Jog Stroller

BOB-Jog-StrollerAs a huge fan of the BOB Jog Stroller line of jogging strollers, and because I find myself so often explaining the benefits I’ve found to others who are in the market for a new jogger/stroller, I figured I might as well put a website together to summarize what I’ve found. This way, if ever (when ever) the topic comes up again (and it will), instead of talking someone’s ear off, I can simply suggest they come here and read about the features and benefits I’ve found and come to love in the BOB jog stroller line.

Let me start by saying that while I am by no means or stretch of the imagination an engineer. However, I have a real love for things that have been well thought out, brilliantly designed and solidly constructed. As you’ll soon see, this is a key reason why I fell in love with BOB jog stroller line of products.

In addition, I love the outdoors and appreciate others who do too. Being devoted to a healthy, outdoor lifestyle is great. What’s even better is including your kids and exposing them to the same. And doing that in comfort and safety, as well as style, is what BOB jog strollers are all about.

Attention to Details Makes the BOB Jog Stroller Stand Apart

There are just so many well thought out and executed details when it comes to these joggers and strollers that it will likely take a while to cover them all. However, the goal of this site is to expose you to the various BOB stroller models and what they offer individually as well as the common themes of quality construction that run throughout all the designs.

BOB-Jog-Stroller-Tubing1For example, all BOB strollers use aircraft grade aluminum that is considerably thicker and sturdier than what you’ll find on most competitors’ strollers. In fact, when comparing strength in bend tests, the BOB stroller frames were 48% stronger than the competition (and some brands use even thinner tubing than what was used in this test! Imagine pushing your child around in something so flimsy!)

However, you won’t suffer with any unnecessary addition of weight with this better material; only added sturdiness and safety while transporting your child (or children as the case may be. All BOB jogging strollers come in both single and double seats (referred to as “duallies”)).

Strength and Maneuverability in Every BOB Jog Stroller

Strength is great but if your stroller is a beast to maneuver or break down to get into or out of your car… what’s the point?

Fortunately, BOB designs are also among the very best when it comes to maneuverability. And the folding and storing??? Ah, this is where my wanna-be engineer inside just smiles. It’s simply brilliant.

In the following pages on this site I hope (and believe) you’ll find the information you’re looking for to help you make what can be a difficult decision. Choosing a jogging stroller is big decision. You need your child to be safe and comfortable and you need equipment that you feel safe and comfortable taking on a run or a walk if you’re on less than smooth terrain, or even just around the mall or neighborhood… The good news is that I’m certain any of these strollers will more than meet your expectations in each and every category, as they have for so many other BOB Jog Stroller owners.