BOB Double Strollers – More Positive Feedback

BOB Double Strollers – More Positive Feedback

Safe, Durable Construction

The Revolution has a tough, welded frame made of high strength aluminum alloy and durable, stain-resistant fabric that wipes clean. Ultra-padded seats recline up to 70 degrees (from vertical) and offer two seat pockets and a large seat back pocket for additional storage of toys and snacks. For added convenience and comfort, you can adjust the shock absorbers for big or small kids.

Real customer comments from about BOB Double Strollers:

Good-quality stroller

Submitted by J. Hallmartell to

– Turns on a dime
– Sturdy construction
– Gives each child his/her own space
– Easy to fold – Large sun canopies
– Improved seat recline with 2007 model

– Hard to get things in the under-the-seat basket
– Could use more seat height
– Must manually reset shock setting for higher weights after folding


Overall I am very pleased with the BOB Revolution Duallie Navy Stroller (2007 model).

Before making the purchase, I spent much time deciding between BOB and the less expensive Dreamer Design Ditto Manhattan Deluxe. Though I wanted to save money, I decided to go with BOB since I know and trust the brand. (We had a good experience with our first jogging stroller: a single BOB Sport Utility Stroller (SUS).)

My first impression of the Revolution Duallie was favorable. It is of the same high quality as my first stroller. However, I like the features on this stroller better than my original. The swivel wheels turn on a dime; whereas I found the fixed wheels on the SUS made it hard to turn. I also appreciate the improved level of seat recline with the 2007 model.

Though the Revolution Duallie does not have a hand brake – I read somewhere that hand brakes aren’t compatible with swivel wheels – I like the rear parking brake. It is very easy to engage and disengage. What’s more, I can engage the brake by pulling on the wrist safety strap. I expect that this will stop the stroller if I happen to slip while heading downhill. I do wish, however, that they’d find a way to put on a hand brake. It is rather difficult to manage the steep hills of Vermont with the weight of two children.

BOB does a great job of providing each child with his/her own space. I test “pushed” a few other double strollers and found that the kids were practically leaning on each other. In the Revolution Duallie, my son pretends he’s in his own little cave when the sun canopy is all the way down.

The stroller is very easy to fold, and the wheels are easy to take off and put on. I haven’t tried to put it in my trunk, but I did get it in our mudroom closet without problem. It has approximately the same folded dimensions as our single SUS, only it is wider. On that note, I was pleased to discover that it managed to fit through the door of my local post office (albeit, just barely).

The things I don’t like are relatively minor, but here goes. If your children collectively weigh more than 50 pounds, you have to manually move the shock setting. If you never have to fold the stroller this is not a problem. However, if you do fold the stroller, it automatically reverts back to the lower setting, meaning you must remember to reset it each time.

I have a very hard time getting anything thicker than a few books into the under-the-seat basket. The basket itself is big enough; the difficulty lies in getting items in there.

Finally, I wish the seat back were higher. My three-year-old son’s head almost touches the canopy, especially when it is upright. I do appreciate, however, that BOB provides a drawstring to pull up excess canopy fabric. This makes the most of the available headroom.

As for price, I found a very good deal online through a bicycle shop in Virginia. I paid $422.99 and received free shipping.

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