Finding a BOB Jogging Stroller Sale

Finding a BOB Jogging Stroller Sale

BOB-jogging-stroller-on-saleFor those folks looking for a BOB jogging stroller sale, I have good news for you.  At the time of the writing of this article, you are in a position to get one of the world’s most popular high performance jogging strollers at a nice discount, from one of the world’s most popular and trusted online merchants –

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I’m assuming that you’ve already made up your mind to get a BOB jogging stroller, and I have to say that in my honest opinion, you have made a very good choice.  However, there may be a few people reading this that aren’t 100% sure that the BOB jogger is the right jogging stroller for them.  Fair enough.

What I would like to do here is outline a few of the reasons why *I* (and thousands of other active parents), do believe the best jogging strollers on the market today are built by BOB.

By the way, as a small side note, if you thought “BOB” was the name of the company owner or something like that, and you’re wondering why it’s always spelled in all capital letters, it’s because it’s actually an acronym.  It stands for “Beast Of Burdon”, which was what they called their very first bicycle trailer they created when the company was but an infant itself.

Benefits of finding a BOB Jogging Stroller Sale

Everyone loves to save money.  But when it comes to something as important as securing your child while you go on a walk, much less a run on some rougher terrain, the last thing you want to do is feel like you’re being “cheap”.

The good news is you can go top of the line and still save money!

Let’s first talk a bit about “top of the line” and what that means.  You’ll find other points that explain the difference found in BOB jogging strollers throughout this website, but I want to give it to you in small, bite sized pieces.  You can pick and choose what you want to dig in to.

BOB Jogging Strollers have thicker, sturdier frames than the competition

bob-jogging-stroller-saleRegardless of whether you plan to take your jogging stroller ‘off road’ or not, but especially if you do, you want to make sure it’s going to hold up.  BOB strollers use only the top quality, aircraft grade aluminum in the construction of all their frames.

In fact, as compared to the competition’s frame tubing, the BOB jogger tests out to be 48% stronger than its competition.  And there are even some bargain brand joggers that use thinner tubing than what BOB tested against!

Can you imagine knowing your child is being pushed around, sometimes at high speeds, in something that has a flimsy frame?  I know that wouldn’t fly in my house!

Also, when it comes to the front, 360 degree rotating wheel that gives the BOB jogging stroller so much maneuverability, you can feel confident that it is built to last because they use all steel ball bearings and steel plates in its full-on bicycle headset that they use.  If you look at some of the other brands out there, you’ll probably find some front wheels that are rotating on some kind of plastic mechanism.  How long do you think that’s going to last, especially over anything rougher than a sidewalk?!?

Getting back to the BOB Jogging Stroller Sale at Amazon…

As you can probably see already, the BOB Jog Stroller does not skimp on quality of materials and construction.  So it’s not too surprising that compared to some other brands, the price may be a bit higher.  Unless…!!!

If you visit, you can usually find the previous year’s model of BOB jogging stroller on sale at a pretty good discount.  Now they’re not going to be giving them away, mind you, but whenever you can get the very best, even for a little less than everyone else… I think you win.

See the BOB Jogging Stroller Sale at Amazon Now

The thing is, in order to get these good prices, time is of the essence.  Also, you might not get your first choice in color at the discounted price.  But, sometimes that’s just the sacrifice you have to make to save a few bucks.

The good news is that if you really have your heart set on a particular model or color, you’re almost certain to be able to find it there at Amazon, and usually it will include free shipping.  So even if you don’t hit the BOB jogging stroller sale spot on, you will still get a great product at a great price.