The BOB Double Stroller

The BOB Double Stroller

In this article we’re going to have a look at the BOB double stroller.  If you have already done your research and have decided that this is the ideal double stroller for you to buy, you can purchase it online at a great price (and with free shipping).  Just

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If you are still in research mode and would like to read more about the pros and cons of the BOB double stroller, as well as looking at the different models of BOB jogging strollers, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below we’ll have a look at what makes BOB strollers one of the top choices of many active families.  We’ll also have a look at some of the things others have not liked so much in their experiences with the BOB strollers, so that you can make an informed decision on your final purchase.

One of the first things you may like to know about BOB double strollers is that they are made here in the USA, using very high grade aluminum chromoly.  In fact, the tubing that they use is considerably stronger than what you’ll find on most other strollers.  While this does add a little bit to the weight (and probably the most frequent ‘negative’ comment regarding BOB strollers), the truth is that you’ll always need to sacrifice a bit of weight for increased strength.  When it comes to carrying your kids around, and possibly taking them for a jog or even ‘off-road’ in some rougher terrain, I personally choose to go with strength and security.

In the end though, you need to decide what’s more important; an extra pound or 2 in the total weight of your double stroller… or knowing that a BOB stroller is made of tubing that is nearly 50% stronger than a lighter competitor’s version.

Jogging with a BOB Double Stroller

And speaking of jogging or going off-road, one of the great features of the BOB strollers is that they all come with adjustable suspension systems, similar to what you find on a higher end mountain bike.  Between this and pneumatic tires mounted on high impact polymer composite wheels (except for the Ironman stroller, which uses aluminum wheels for lighter weight), your children will experience one of the smoothest rides you could imagine, whether strolling, walking or running off road or in the mall.

As for the different models of BOB double strollers, there are 3 basic variations:  the BOB Revolution double stroller, the BOB Sport Utility Duallie double stroller, and the previously mentioned Ironman double stroller.  A fourth model named the BOB Stroller Strides Double stroller is really just the BOB Revolution Duallie with an added accessory set that can be purchased separately.

Let’s have a look at the primary differences between these three BOB double strollers so you can get a better idea of what will work best for you.  And because there are many great features that span across all BOB jogging strollers, it makes more sense to distinguish the differences that will make a difference for you.

The  main difference between these three strollers, the BOB Revolution, the BOB Sport Utility and the BOB Ironman is the front wheel.  More specifically, what it’s made of and whether it can rotate or not.

BOB-Revolution-Double-StrollerThe BOB Revolution double stroller, as you might expect, has a revolving front wheel which helps maneuverability considerably.  You can literally turn these strollers on a dime.  This can be extremely helpful when navigating tight, congested areas such as sidewalks or store aisles. In fact, the BOB Revolution double stroller is so easy to navigate that many people use only one hand.

The problem with a rotating front wheel is that when it comes time to either hit rougher terrain or to go for a jog, it can seriously hinder your progress.  But BOB strollers have an ingenious fix for that… with a simple locking mechanism you get the best of both worlds in an instant.  And if you find the front wheel tracking slightly off center, a simple twist of an adjustment gets you tracking straight away again.

Both the BOB Revolution and the BOB Sport Utility strollers come with the polymer composite wheels mentioned above.  These are lightweight (though not the lightest on the market), and extremely durable. The purpose here is to withstand the rough terrain one might encounter on a trail, whether jogging or running with your stroller.  The difference between these two BOB double strollers is that the Sport Utility does not have a revolving front wheel.

BOB-double-stroller-Sport-UtilityIf you know that you’ll primarily be using your stroller for jogging in rougher terrain, then the Sport Utility might be a better choice for you as you won’t need to pay the extra money for the added turning abilities that come with the Revolution.  If you need a more all-purpose stroller though, the BOB Revolution double stroller is probably worth the extra expense.

Finally, the third option in this line-up is the BOB Ironman double stroller.

Again, we’re looking at a stroller that is more of a specialty item for those that plan on using it for long distance runs or walks on fairly smooth surfaces.  The front wheel is locked in place and is made of aluminum alloy to save on weight.  They are more than sturdy enough for road work, but taking it on the trail and you might end up damaging the rims.

BOB-double-stroller-IronmanFor a pure “jogging stroller”, especially if you’re planning to stay on the road, the BOB Ironman is probably your best choice of the three.  If you’re doing all your running on dirt roads or trails… then the BOB Sport Utility might be the choice for you.  And finally, if you do a bit of everything with your stroller (who doesn’t?), I would recommend the BOB Revolution double stroller because of its unique ability to be both highly maneuverable and a great performer as a jogging stroller, both on road and off.

To summarize: the Pros and Cons of the BOB Double Stroller, in 3 flavors


  • Very well built and stronger than the competition.  Feel confident that your child is in a solid stroller that wont bend or break
  • Smooth ride due to air tires and quality, adjustable suspension system.  You child can rest while in their stroller and won’t get rattled and jarred about.
  • On the BOB Revolution double stroller in particular – great steering and maneuverability.


  • Weight.  The overall weight will be slightly higher due to the increased thickness of the tubing used to make the strollers extra strong for active use.
  • Cost.  This is definitely not a bargain-basement stroller!  What it is is a performance stroller, and as with anything, you get what you pay for.  On the flip side, the resale value of these high quality products remains very high, whether you choose to pass it down in your family and friends, or re-sell it on the used market.

Our recommendation for the best “overall” BOB Double Stroller is… The BOB Revolution Double Stroller

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