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Revolutionary Swiveling Front Wheel

The Revolution is designed to strike a balance between a walking and jogging stroller. The Revolution lets you get around the house, the neighborhood, or the market with ease thanks to an innovative wheel design that expertly handles corners, making pushing the stroller as quick and straightforward as steering a bike. The 12-inch swiveling front wheel features a ball-bearing headset, proven technology that ensures durability, reliability, and solid performance.

Additionally, the shock absorbers minimize the impact of uneven pavement or bumps on both urban streets and woodsy trails, which means you can introduce baby to the “off-road” world without sacrificing his comfort or safety. You can also lock the forward wheel for maximum stability for running and straight-ahead walking. Finally, the state-of-the-art suspension system provides for an exceptionally smooth ride.

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BEST stroller, tried 7 other doubles

Submitted by Allison Lebaron “mom of 3 little ones” to

UPDATE: Now owned my BOB for one year and I STILL LOVE IT!!! It’s holding up fantastic, still turns on a dime, nothing broken, creaking, squeaking, ripped or faded. My kids totally beat it up (food, mud, markers) and it still looks almost brand new. I hose it off every once in a while and that does the trick.

First I want you to know that I have purchased or borrowed them all!!! I am my own mini consumer reports! LOL I have spent over $1600 on bad strollers.

You name it, I’ve bought it or tried it. I have compared:
1) Graco Duo Rider tandem
2) The Peg Perego Duette (super expensive $750 and worst stroller ever made)
3) Peg Perego Aria Twin
4)Zooper twin side by side (not sure of the name)
5) Maclaren side by side
6) Phil&Ted double jogger that has the rear kid almost touching the ground (my kids HATED that) and after kid #2 is in back there is no basket room – are we joking?
7) Graco Duo Rider side by side

The BOB Revolution Duallie ROCKED THE HOUSE compared to all the above and here’s why….

First of all I have a HUGE 4 year old (46 lbs and 45 inches) and a medium sized but hefty 3 year old (26 lbs and 37 inches). I can NOT feel the weight of my children when I push them in the BOB!!!!! Parents, you realize how incredible this is. The stroller is easier to push than my single stroller! And I am not exaggerating. That was the first thing that got me because frankly I was not interested in a jogger. AND….get this… my 3 year old does not make the stroller pull to one side, even when he rides solo!!! I had such a problem with this in all the other strollers it was such a chore to push the kids that i didn’t take them anywhere. This was the case with each of the other strollers, but especially the case with the Graco Duo rider tandem and the Peg Perego Duette (both took an act of God to turn).

The other thing I love are the HUUUGE sun canopies, they are independent of each other and practially cover my children completely and since my kids hate direct sunlight this was a must, must, must.

Next I am sure you want to know how it turns….FANTASTIC! I strolled it all around the store when buying it and it could totally get in and out of isles without bumping everything off the shelves. This shocked me. And it does absolutely make it through doorways, a little tricky but it does. The only way to describe the way it turns is to quote my husband “it’s like butter” 🙂 It is seriously the smoothest ride ever!! I am so excited about it after going through so many strollers that were such a pain.

Also each seat gives my hefty children plenty of room width-wise which doesn’t make sense because they are almost the same dimensions as the others, magic I tell you. They don’t look scrunched at all. They HATED the McClaren side by side whatever-its-called, and I hated it too frankly. I was stuggling even in the store and my kids were begging to get out, so cramped very hard to push. I felt this way with the Peg Perego Twin Aria too and was shocked because I LOVE my Peg Pergo Pilko P3. First I could have sworn the Twin Aria was going to snap when I turned, extremely flimsy, and my then two year old was cramped and complaining.

That’s another thing about the Bob, that sucker is really solid. It is very well made and has stood the test of time. There is very little (if any) plastic used. EVERY other stroller mentioned above is made of a lot of plastic that was showing wear after a short period of time.

The shocks on the BOB are better than my car, I swear. It glides along and ever so slightly bounces up and down while you push as the movement of pushing is enough to send the shocks absorbing it. It’s not a nusance at all if that’s what your thinking, it actually makes pushing easier.

The under basket is not the best, but considering everything, they have made the most of it. Also there are two decent sized baskets on the back of each seat. I have not had any problems like I thought I would and I pack a change of clothes for each, lunch for three of us, dolls, power rangers, etc and I have always been good. I do HIGHLY recommend the handle bar console/cup holder. Without it I was lost. It stores my keys, phone, wallet and two water bottles.

As for the height of the seat area itself, my son only keeps growing taller (now 46 inches and counting) and he still fits with no complaints and believe me he would say something 🙂

Anyway, I hope this helps all your parents who are making the very stressful “perfect stroller” choice. Learn from my mistakes! 🙂 Also, I do wish I had initially purchased the fuzzy seat covers – mostly to protect the seats from the inevitable spills, squished PB&J sandwiches, etc. 🙂

If I had purchased this stroller two years ago, things would have been a lot different. I know this stroller will last me a looong time. I will never buy a small compact stroller again after this.

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